onsdagen den 16:e april 2014

White flatform sandal decision!

Waaahhh I need a pair of white flatform sandals this summer. I've already got a pair of white/wood wedges, but they are quite uncomfortable, and they are wedges.... and with wood"colour" on them... plus they are uncomfortable... well, mostly I need a new pair because uncomfortable shoes are the worst kind of shoes. I want to be able to strut around in Tokyo for at least a week in 'em!
The ones I'm mostly in love with at the moment is the Y.R.U Orion, the ones on the left in the middle, but are they a bit too simple? HMMM?? Simple is good and simple is bad. Oh my. What do you think, dear reader? :)

söndagen den 6:e april 2014

Denim and mirrors

Location / Occasion
Vintage fair in Stockholm again! Me and two friends went together this time. I found a lot of cute stuff of course but I'm trying to save more than usual, so the only thing I actually bought was together with my friend, we paid half the price, 100 sek each! It's a dreamy green flowy thing that we both loved (we don't have the same style at all I would say, so it's very interesting when we find things that we both want!).

D-d-d-d-d-double denimmm, never thought I'd wear that! HAH! But here I am, in dad's old denim shirt and my favourite jeans! The shoes are actually from the prom in 9th grade, which I've kept even though I think they're quite ugly (?) and uncomfortable :P But they are nice with an outfit like this :D

denim shirt - dad's old
jeans - H&M
black heels - Wedins
orange heart mirror sunglasses - ebay
hat - gift from a friend 
water slide decals for nails - ebay

fredagen den 4:e april 2014


Really craving these two right now -____- a soft furry cardigan from H&M which I had my eyes on when it was new in the store, and it's sooo soft and amazing! Now it's on sale for 500 sek, which is about $77, and that's too much for me, but I can't stop imagining myself in it these chilly spring nights in Sweden when you HAVE to be outdoors because it's not minus Celsius. It's more a cardigan than a jacket, so it's not crazy warm, but still very cozy!
The holographic awesome backpack is from goldenponies, and I can't decide if I can spend a total of 600 sek on it, and it won't arrive until late may I guess... I CAN'T AFFORD THESE?! Not when I'm going to Japan this summer (:DDDD) But I need them in my wardrobe now. >_<

onsdagen den 26:e mars 2014

I am not from your tribe

This dress is really not me in a lot of ways, but somehow I'm always dragged to things that are not me :P I found it quite cheap (not by my standards, but I guess maybe for others, about $8), and when I tried it on I fell in love. I've worn it three times since I bought it last saturday (four days ago!), as a dress and as a skirt under a big sweater.
I have a problem with patterns generally, so this should be a nightmare for me, with all the irregular splashes and leopard stuff mixed together! Buuuut obviously I like it :D

everything - second hand
except the little venus heart pin - Starchild by Saffron/Etsy

tisdagen den 25:e mars 2014

DIY - Simple overknees

I found this tie dye fabric really cheap, and I think I'll make a sweatshirt out of what's left :) These were easy to make (even if my sewing machine is really stupid right now...) and I followed this tutorial at The Pineneedle Collective, but made them longer and didn't use an old t-shirt :) Looking forward to summer so I can use these!! :D

måndagen den 24:e mars 2014

DIY - Silver tote!

My sewing machine is acting very strange, so this didn't turn out very well, but it works! And it's silver! Very easy to make, even with lining. You could try an easier fabric than this shiny silver tho :P
I used different tutorials, mixing instructions, but I mostly followed this tutorial.

torsdagen den 20:e mars 2014

March wants

1. Ivonna Buenrostro makes such cute pins. I love 'em all and I'm gonna buy one or two before summer. Great colours yuuumm
2. Looking for some denim overalls... these are from Newman & Hall
3. Having a major craving for mirrored sunglasses right now! They are everywhere, just gotta find the perfect ones :) These are from Pink Romashka, who's got lots of other cool ones!
4. ImYourPresent are a long-time etsy favourite of mine. Never bought anything from her, but I feel like it's time soon. Like... NOW.
5. Heart shaped, pink, I don't know what else I would ever need? Get them here
6. Lil pink crescent mooooon! I need you around my neck! Chromosphere has got affordable cute stonezz that I want..

I'm so ready for spring now. I thought is was here, but since I live in Stockholm, there's always second winter! Total snow storm yesterday, hah!