onsdag 27 augusti 2014

And sometimes I don't got a filter

SUNGLASSES - VANS via ABC Mart, Shibuya
SKIRT - H&M / second hand
SHOES - Unif Neo boot / second hand

Lately I've understood that I really like white prints on black, and I love Lazy Oaf (I don't own any clothes from them though, just a super cute little brooch), so when I found this at  StyleMoi I had to have it! It's a nice and interesting cut as well :)
Another thing I've understood that I like is black and white ("realistic") floral prints, so when I saw this little number at my favourite second hand market for 20 sek ($3) I didn't really hesitate.
To match this little dark-summer-look I topped it off with a pair of my favourite sunglasses at the moment. When I bought them I happily called them nu-vintage^^ Really comfortable, which is a bit rare for a second hand-sunglasses-shopper :P

Hope you like it!

måndag 25 augusti 2014

Golden fringes

WHITE LACE BUSTIER - American Deadstock
BLACK HAT - Second hand
SUNGLASSES - Village/Vanguard, Tokyo
BELT - Second hand
SHOES - Jeffrey Campbell via Dolls Kill

I have this awesome friend named Kris, who lives in Paris and comes visit us a couple of times a year. When it's his birthday we usually throw a big masquerade with some lovely theme, like this time: Versace/Dolce Gabbana/Azis <3 nbsp="" p="">Anyway he's going back now, and we had one last little adventure with him which was: Djurgården! We just pranced around taking photos and just have a great day. In the evening we went to Hermans which is one of my favourite restaurants in Stockholm. (Actually earlier this day, me and another friend went to our favourite second hand market, (I'll write about that later!), so we were super tired, but that didn't stop us, wuu!!

OK so what am I wearing? I've been wanting a kimono for a while, and I was actually looking at a black one, because it's more useful and versatile I guess, but my heart said I should go for this one. It's not really my style but I really really like the look of it! And the fringes are so heavy and luxurious ^^. I thought I wouldn't style it with shorts and a top, like the standard foolproof boho-look, but I ended up doing that anyway because really, it looks great.
The shorts feel very versatile and they fit me perfectly! I'm very happy with them!

I was so pleased with so many pictures from this day, so you get A LOT to look at now ^^

måndag 18 augusti 2014

Faux Fur wants

I KNOW it's still summer, (even in Sweden) but I just can't stop thinking about all the pretty things I'll wear in the autumn. That is actually one of the best things with living here, the seasons. It can get quite cold in the winter and it can get totally-ok-warm in the summer, and spring and autumn are great here. And the fact that it changes a lot keeps the interest for clothes alive :P If I'm tired of summer clothes, well it's very soon over, and it's like that with every season. SO there's my excuse. Because here comes my little faux fur want post heeheehee! I already have five and they take up so much space, but I'm sorry, there WILL be more of them.

That estradeur one is so yummy, but I already have a light pink one so I don't think I have any excuse to buy it :( And last year I found this bad girl at a second hand market (it's looks a bit brighter than it was, but it was pastel patterned) but I didn't buy it because I'm stupid.

torsdag 7 augusti 2014

How I looked while in TOKYOO

the purikura-madness!

 met this guy at the sunshine aquarium! he was pissed but cute <3

love this dress tho

aggressively happy as I tend to be

 cat café!!!

oh yes outfits for purikura

hangin in arcades, lookin cute

 ok so we did (took? made?) purikuras so many times

 ready for karaoke!!

 we ended up at a place called enjoy house one night and it was awesome!

 met some really nice people and had a great time!

 oooh how I'll hate it when I come back to Sweden and won't have Pocari Sweat, or Green Dakara :(((

 doggie macaroooooon

 we went to the robot restaurant and it was amazing, just my taste :DDD

 OOOHHH SUZY Q that's mee! Being sweaty and drunk in Golden Gai (which also was... awesome!!)

 second hand store FLAMINGO

love my UFOs

Most pictures are taken by my baby but some are taken by my bf