onsdag 19 november 2014

November SEQUIN wishlist

GLITTER GLITTER SPARKLE SPARKLE!! I think it has got something to do with the darkness here in Sweden, or that new years and Christmas are getting closer, or maybe it's just that sequins and glitter in general is plain awesome and fantastic and makes you happy(?)
That River Island dress in the middle is so so so perfect :'(
You should really check out the patches from King Sophie's World, because, well, because LOOK at them patches! I wish I could stick them all to all my coats and faux furs and bags! Such perfection.

I want to do more wishlists, I really enjoy it, but I also want to make them more personal. I need a personal toch that I really can't figure out what it should be... So today there is -nothing- personal about that picture up there... I hope I'll get some smart idea soon, so I can make more wishlists and feel good about them ^^

fredag 14 november 2014

diamond in the rough


SNAPBACK* - The Swedish Fish
BOOTS - UNIF NEO via Second hand

Haha this jacket is really really sloppy made. I'm going to do a post about it later, because I think I was being raaaather creative anyways^^
Weather here is, as you can see, lovely. No, really, I love this weather. Hate my hair right now though. I cut it recently, and it was really messy (I cut my hair once a year?) so it's kind of short now and I'm not comfortable with it yet, and the colour is bleeuughh (gotta do something about that -__-)
ANYWAY! Crazy golden jacket in the gray pre-winter, lovely!

I've been a bad blogger recently, but I don't feel like posting if I haven't got anything interesting to post, and I haven't been interesting lately. I work, play minecraft, drink tea and make film. And that's about it. I'm not complaining though, work is nice < 3

lördag 1 november 2014

We're all alone in a motor home

HAT - Second hand
BLUE CARDIGAN - Second hand
FLANNEL SHIRT - Second hand
SHORTS* - StyleMoi
BOOTS - Dr Martens Jadon boots via DollsKill

THIS CARDIGAN THOUGH? It's too bad it doesn't really do good in photos, but it's super soft and fluffy and warm and blue and has these old-lady-appliqués! I really really love it and it works with everything.. BUT, as I said, you can't really tell how awesome it is in photos :(( booo

fredag 24 oktober 2014

Kitty knit

DR MARTENS - Second hand

I found this sweater at my fav second hand market this summer, and the lady who was selling it had made it herself, and I was a bit impressed. BUT! Lately I've learned how to knit, and I'm making a pair of soft slippers (sort of), and when I'm looking at this sweater now I understand that it was maybe the first thing that person knitted, which only makes it even more CUTE. It's wonderfully soft, big and warm, and that odd-looking cat is just the best.

I LOVE this blue, I think it looks great with fall in general and I feel comfortable in it, maybe it's nice with my hair or eyes or skin, I don't know, but I always feel drawn to it!

torsdag 16 oktober 2014


BLACK CAPE* - StyleMoi
HAT - Borrowed (Second hand / H&M)
BOOTS - Dr Martens via DollsKill

The autumn is at it's finest here right now! So we went to Näsby Slott (a lil castle close to where I live) and took some photos and had some tea inside the castle. It's the first time we've been inside and it was very pretty and nice and yaaay!

I've wanted a cape for some time, and this one from StyleMoi is really nice because it's basic and simple without any crazy stuff on it, so I can match it with pretty much whatever. The dress is a fall favourite, I love the colour and it's super comfy. I've actually worn it in front of the castle before, like three years ago hah

tisdag 7 oktober 2014

The racing heart

MINT GREEN COAT - Second hand
PINK BACKPACK - Fjällräven via Naturkompaniet
BOOTS - Dr Martens via Dolls Kill

Even after a long summer of flea markets we look forward to Solnahallen Megaloppis, which was held now this weekend. All the sellers were really nice as usual and we found some gooood stuff ^^

I got this coat at a second hand market this summer, and I really like the colour, but I'm not sure about the cut. It's a bit too "grown up" for me, but I like to try new things (hah!). So I'm just going to try different styles and see if I want to keep it or not :) ......the colour though..... hee hee
Loving this necklace!!! So jingly and shiny! And letters, ooh I love letters. (It spells "CHEAPMONDAY"

(It doesn't really show, but we had a lot of fun taking these!)

fredag 3 oktober 2014

My dreams are always a world away

BOOTS - Second hand