fredag 29 januari 2016

Best intentions

DENIM JACKET* - Wholesale7
LIPSTICK* - Dresslink
FLORAL DRESS - Forever21
BOOTS - Dr. Martens
BIG SMILEY PIN - Second hand
SMALL SMILEY PIN - Bruised Tongue

I'm still having a hard time in my private life, but I know I've made the right decisions and in the end things will be all right :)

Sooooo what am I wearing? I have a denim jacket already, but it's really over size and a bit darker. I've been looking for a shorter and model and lighter colour, and since I've come over my fear of distressed denim (last summer.. :P) in general, I felt this would fill this hole in my wardrobe. It's obviously too cold to wear as a jacket right now though, but today I wore it with a leather jacket over. I think I'll distress it even more, which I think will be easy since the fabric is quite thin. Funny thing with this jacket though: the buttons are very noisy :P And the button holes are not actual holes :P I'm going to cut mine up so I can button it, and I doubt it will be any trouble.

I don't know if you can see the pin from Bruised Tongue, with the venn diagram happy/sad smiley, but it's there and I totally love it. It gives me life. The design is so genius and I want to wear it all the time but also have it on display in my home! yummm

fredag 22 januari 2016


RIPPED JEANS* - Yoyomelody
TARTAN SHIRT - Second hand
BOOTS - Dr Martens

I'm having some trouble in my private life right now, having a hard time, so I hope you understand that my posts and looks might not be the most inspiring. Sorry for this.

These jeans from Yoyomelody are in size L, and I really thought they would be loose, but on me they are more of a mom-jeans fit, which is totally fine too! Or what do you think? They are of course short, but I'm getting used to that, and I don't know, I kind of like it! I got an e-mail from Yoyomelody before receiving the jeans, and they told me that there was a slight difference in colour, which I was ok with. I think it was nice of them to give me a heads up. I thought they would be a lot lighter, but they are really just a bit. So it's totally fine, I like the colour.

onsdag 6 januari 2016

Born to endure this kind of weather

WHITE KNITTED JUMPER - Second hand market in Chișinău, Moldova
RIPPED JEANS* - Dresslink

Long time no blog! I've been working like crazy, and celebrating the holidays, but now it feel like things are going back to normal. And finally there is snow! I LOVE the cold. I really do. I get so happy when I see that it's -15°C (5°F) outside, and I love the smell of snow. I get so calm when I know there is snow outside, and everything gets so quiet and still. YUMM.

SO, what's better than going out in said weather and taking some cute photos? I got this sweater at a market in Moldova when I visited my mother who was working there at the time. It's very _acrylic_, like very light and not warm at all really haha but I like the design, very old-lady-cute-esque.

I love how these photos turned out, so ~Scandinavian~ haha. I really tried to hold back on the make-up so it would look more natural. I love fake lashes and bold lips and all, so it's hard to tone it down :P But at least it's a bit more natural than usual

söndag 20 december 2015

In my reach

LIPSTICK* -  Dresslink

First, I have to tell you that I'm working every day all day right now (because Christmas), so I'm not posting as much as I would want to, and since I live in Sweden I haven't seen the sun in like a month (lie, but almost true), so it's hard to get out and take outfit photos... But I'll be back soon!

I love how quirky an outfit can get if you wear the same pattern all over, or the same colour all over. Wearing a t-shirt and skirt like this is so much different from having a dress in the same pattern, in my opinion (even if you can't really see that it's two pieces ... :P). I got this lil set form Yoyomelody, and they have it in white as well. The skirt is a bit longer than I expected, and HAS POCKETS which is very convenient because then I can wear it at work! And I'm planning on wearing the t-shirt with high waist shorts or slouchy jeans, and the skirt with a preppy collar shirt or red sweatshirt. I really like the pattern, because it's graphic but also fun, yay!

While putting this on I realised the hands were reaching for the pizza. Perfect. And then I had pizza with three friends ha!

I have to talk about this lipstick too! It's in a "lipgloss" container, with a wand, but it's nothing like a lipgloss, because it's really pigmented and dries matte, and stays on forever! I love this colour on me too (Nr 33 on the site), and I'm very happy I got it.

Happy holidays! <3 br="">

måndag 7 december 2015

Old songs

RIPPED JEANS* - Dresslink
TARTAN JACKET - Second hand
SAD SMILEY PIN -  Second hand

Obviously going for something grunge here, and wearing my favourite t-shirt with legend Astrid Lindgren on it. I would usually never wear a top with a face on it, I've never liked that, (depends on the picture ofc, but photo(ish) faces are a big no-no for some reason), but when I saw this T-shirt at T-shirt Store I knew I had to have it. It's super soft and I wear it a lot at work (best book store t-shirt yes?). I love it so much ^^

And yesterday I wore almost the exact same thing, but with a red flannel shirt instead of the green/blue jacket. Which one do you prefer?

lördag 5 december 2015

New theories

NECKLACE - Cheap Monday
BLACK SHIRT - Second hand
BOOTS - Second hand

I was very happy to receive these overall pants, because they were a thicker material and more "luxurious" than I thought they would be. I got them in size L since I'm quite tall and these models (jumpsuits etc) tend to be too small between the crotch and shoulders. There is some camel-toe-warning haha but I don't really care. If I was one cm shorter they would have been even better, but I'll keep my length thank you. And I guess I thought they would be a bit more loose, but it's totally fine :)
I really like the model! They feel a bit more office-y than what I usually wear, (I need more stuff like that) but it's still quite fun, right? And it's easy to vary with different tops under. I would love to have something over-size underneath too! How would you style it?

lördag 28 november 2015