torsdag 23 juli 2015

Like magic, a light that will drown you

LACE KIMONO* - Newdress
WHITE BUSTIER - American Deadstock
SUNGLASSES - Second hand

I was so happy when I unpacked this lace kimono-cardigan-thingy, because it feels so versatile. I mean, long, fringe-y, black lace? I got it in size large because I wanted it to be long, and it feels like the perfect length. It brushes my ankles, but I won't step on it :D It's really soft and comfortable, and I'm sure you'll see more of it ^^

And how huge are these sunglasses?! (hmm they are bigger than they look, they actually look totally ok in these photos...) They're almost novelty glasses :D But they are actual 70s glasses that I found in a box at a second hand market together with a pair of blue ones that I'll show you later, and a pair of wiiild ones for my boyfriend, which look like safety glasses.

måndag 20 juli 2015


CONVERSE - Second hand

This Saturday we went to the Galoppis of course (my favourite second hand market if you didn't know by now). It was a bit chilly but I found some awesome glasses and sunglasses which you'll probably see very soon :D

lördag 4 juli 2015

I can see the sun but it leaves me blind

LILAC T-SHIRT - & other stories (second hand)
PINK SWEATSHIRT - second hand
BACKPACK - Fjällräven via Naturkompaniet

tisdag 30 juni 2015

All that I compromised to feel another high

DENIM SHIRT - Second hand
WHITE BUSTIER - Second hand
WHITE SHORTS - Second hand
SUNGLASSES - Second hand
CONVERSE - Second hand
TATTOO CHOKER - Second hand

HAH! I just had to write it all. What could be more fitting though? This day was a second hand market day! I found so much nice things (photo down looow) and I had a great time with three of my friends. Great weather and a lot of sellers and great company.

måndag 15 juni 2015

Make it last

DRESS - Independent kostym
SHOES - Second hand

First of all: I've been busy lately taking my driver's licence. A bit late you might think to yourself, but people my age living close to Stockholm don't have a lot of reasons to get one. But now I have and I'm super happy and that's that.

TODAY! We went to a great second hand market called "Make it last" in Stockholm, where a lot of stylists and blogger-fashion-cool-people-in-general sold their clothes! It was very crowded but we loved it.

So this dress. I wear it at home a lot because it's the most comfortable thing. I was very confused this morning when I was going out in it, but I think it's kind of cool too, not only comfortable.

And this is what I found!

tisdag 2 juni 2015

Dramatic chiffon summer lovin

It's funny how you start liking things when the seasons change. And when the temperature rises, my interest for chiffon rises! I know a lot of people get married and attend proms this time of year, but sadly I'm not. This does not hinder me from browsing dramatic prom and cocktail dresses though :D

Last year I went to a wedding and I wore this lovely bright green chiffon dress, very goddess/70's, and these dresses remind me of it. I really just want to attend a wedding on a beach, flowing around in something like these:

I really love the cape/veil-thing going on with the sand coloured one. More capes and veils! I noticed that all (what I could see?) the dresses on the site are possible to get in like ~30 colours, which is great, because with these kind of flowing garments it's such a statement with a special, bold colour and not your standard white/champagne. I would love the jumpsuit in green! Or lavender... Love lavender YUM.

I'm actually looking for cheap chiffon at my local fabric store so I can make big flowy summery things. Inspiration station! I just might create my own lil' cape ^^

Wednesday on a Sunday

SHOES - Second hand

This Sunday we went to a great vintage market at Wenngarn Castle. It was so pretty inside, and it was covered in lovely vintage clothes, so yes, awesome.

I love this dress (I got the grey one as well), because it's so comfortable and a really flattering model for me I think. It doesn't have any zippers or buttons or anything and that's very important to me! ^^